Can they hack your VPN?

Having a VPN service is something that many users consider. It allows us to avoid geographical restriction when accessing certain content, we can navigate more securely in open networks or simply hide our data and information. We have the possibility of using both free and paid tools. However, we must also bear in mind that we can be victims of different problems. In this article we will explain whether or not they could hack a VPN that we are using.

A VPN can be hacked

We must start from the basis that browsing through a VPN gives us security and also improves privacy. It is a way to avoid some attacks that may steal our personal information and data. But of course, today virtually everything can be attacked on the net. Nothing is safe from being targeted by cyber criminals .

This is the case of VPNs, for example. Although they help improve security and privacy, it is true that they can be hacked. This could be done in several ways. One of them is through decoding the encryption through some kind of vulnerability that exists. They could also steal the password using fraudulent methods. This way they could gain access to that VPN.

Of course, it should be mentioned that decoding encryption is not a simple task and requires a lot of time. Hackers would have a hard time carrying it out and it would only be possible in certain circumstances. In any case, private users would not be objective. Rather those attacks would be aimed at companies and high profiles.

Stealing the keys is easier. Basically it is what the spy agencies do. For this they could use a person with access or carry out planned attacks.

In addition to all this, VPNs may have security problems . We could be using a service that filters information for some vulnerability. This could be used to obtain personal information and data, as well as everything related to our navigation.

Tips for using a VPN safely

Now, all this we have mentioned does not mean that using a VPN is insecure, much less. We have seen that it is safer to navigate through such a service than to do it openly, especially when entering public networks.

The point is that users themselves can implement certain tips to improve security. The first thing is to take care of the type of VPN we use. You should always download them from official sources and make sure that it is a stable and secure service.

Besides that it is very important that it is always updated . We have seen that there may be vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers to steal information. It is the manufacturers themselves who release patches and updates to correct those errors. It should always have the latest versions.

We can make use of many services, both for desktop computers and mobile devices. We leave you a list of the best free VPN.

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