How to unlock blocked websites at school


Schools often try to block access to popular websites for a number of reasons. Whether these blocks are justified or if they are a waste of time, or if they are a form of censorship or a method to manage resources, they are issues that we can discuss at another time. The important thing is that it is very simple to avoid these blockages using a number of simple methods, so they are ultimately nothing more than a nuisance. While you cannot unlock the website, you can bypass the restriction, so that your Internet connection behaves as if it did not exist. Here we show you how to unlock websites while you are at school, using some simple methods.

How to unlock blocked websites at school using a web proxy

Start by going to a free translation website, such as Google’s language tools, or freetranslation . com . Look for a link that says something like “web translator” or “website translator.”

Select the language you want to “translate”. You must select that you are translating from a foreign language into English. The English words on the website will remain in English, so you will basically be using the translation engine without changing any of the words.

Enter the URL of the website that has been blocked by your school and click on the translate button.

You will reach a page that has the translation tools in a box at the top of the page, and the blocked site will appear in the box below. Since your school’s Internet connection assumes that you are browsing the translation site, What would be a completely normal activity at school will not block you and you will have full access to the website you wanted to unlock.

Start by visiting a website that provides URL redirection services. Two popular sites are tinyurl . com and shorturl . com , but you can easily find others by doing a keyword search.

Enter a new URL that will be your secret web address to reach the site that has been blocked.

The system will verify if the URL you want is available. If it is, you can request its use.

Complete the required information about yourself (in case you ever want to edit your link) and about the blocked site you are trying to gain access to.

You will be offered a premium account, which costs money. Select the basic account, which is free, and now you can access the blocked site by typing your private URL. Since the school’s Internet connection assumes that you are in the website redirection service, you can access the blocked website without problems.

Start looking for a free proxy web an Internet search engine can direct you to an infinite number of proxy websites. System administrators add proxy sites to their block site lists all the time, but new proxies always appear, so there will never be a shortage.

After you have found a proxy web, simply type the URL of the blocked site you want to visit in the proxy address bar and click go.

The proxy will load a new page consisting of two boxes. The upper box contains the address bar of the proxy site, in case you want to navigate to a different site. The lower box contains the website that was blocked. Unless the administrator has blocked this particular proxy web, you can avoid blocking successfully using this method.

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